Simple Hay Fever Hacks You Should Know

The runny nose, the scratchy throat, the itchy eyes and the sneezing, if you suffer with hay fever you will relate to most of these.

Although hay fever is more common during the spring and summer months it can strike all year round.

If you are a sufferer, you would try just about anything to relieve some of the symptoms.

Here are some simple hay fever hacks that are worth checking out


Another use for the multi-functional petroleum jelly.

Apparently, coating the inside of your nostrils with Vaseline prevents pollen or other aggravators getting up and into the nose.

And we don’t just mean around the opening of your nostrils, the higher the better.

Avoid Alcohol

Who doesn’t love a beer garden when the sun is shinning? For hay fever suffers this is a double blow, unfortunately.

Being outdoors leaves you more exposed to pollen but did you know alcohol can also be a trigger for hay fever symptoms?

Your body naturally produces histamine as part of the allergy reaction, to hay fever sufferers you produce histamines when your body comes in contact with pollen.

However, alcohol also contains histamine, which can further aggravate your symptoms.

It can also be dehydrating, which can stimulate your body into producing even more histamine.

Hay fever proof your home

Pollen is sticky, it sticks to anything and everything.

Children especially can end up with pollen all over them, their clothes, hair even eyebrows.

Taking some steps when you come home can really help alleviate any night time symptoms you may experience.

  • Shower as soon as you come home-paying special attention to your face, hair and eyebrows especially before bed
  • Get changed out of your clothes that may now contain pollen
  • Keep the windows and doors closed
  • Invest in an air purifier to remove any air borne pollen
  • If you have pets remember to shower and brush them if they have been rolling in the garden
  • Regularly hoover your home, especially carpets, rugs. curtains and mattresses

Steam it out

If you haven’t managed to prevent symptoms and are suffering with symptoms one way to get some relief is to pop some hot water into a basin and a towel over your head and let the steam alleviate some of the bunged up symptoms.