Are Michael, Chloe Still together From Married at First

After he was unceremoniously dumped at the altar of the premiere episode, he’s finally been paired with someone else. So are Michael and Chloe still together from Married At First Sight season 17? His first bridge was the first runaway in the show’s history, created in July 2014 on FYI.

The Married at First Sight premise derives from the Danish TV show Gift Ved Første Blik. The first season took place in New York City and New Jersey and showed off three couples, who like the show describes, are married when they first meet each other.

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The couples then spend time together on their honeymoon and spend eight weeks together living a family lifestyle. After eight weeks, they get to decide whether they want to divorce or stay together on Decision Day. There are several experts on the show that examine the couples’ compatibility with each other. For season 17, experts Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper are reunited in the host city of Denver, Colorado, along with Dr. Pia, who joins the show as a full-time expert. 

Talking to E! News, Dr. Pepper Schwartz revealed the tedious process of making the couples. Hundreds of people apply to the show and the experts go to churches, bars, dating apps, or anywhere that people meet to “make the prospective pool as big as people.” There are more steps to the vetting process including a meet-and-greet, several interview sessions, and psychological and background checks. The final step is a home visit from Dr. Pepper. 

“My hope was that we would be able to support these people and help them grow into better versions of themselves by bringing out skills to the process, by matching them through science and maybe this really could work and it could work even beyond helping these people grow and get more information about themselves, but to give them skills. And to augment what we hoped was already thought was a good match according to our scientific tools. And the more we went on, the more I believed in it because I could see people listen and learn and it was fascinating and wonderful. She continued, “It worked out beyond my wildest fantasies.”

Pastor Cal told the site about his views on marriage on the show. “I’ve learned and tell couples now that marriage doesn’t work—people work. And quite often, we want the marriage to work,” he said. “Sometimes we want to blame the marriage and say the marriage is not working, but it’s you. You’re not working. You’re not doing the things that are necessary. You’re not communicating and not being vulnerable. You got to be kind. You got to be honest. And you’re gonna have to put in the time and don’t give up too quickly.”

Poor Michael was dumped at the altar in the show’s new season premiere, but the show’s experts found him a new partner and they were married. Here’s if Michael and Chloe are still together on Married at First Sight season 17.

Are Michael and Chloe still together from Married at First Sight season 17?

Are Michael and Chloe still together from Married at First Sight season 17? They do get married, but according to Instagram spoiler account @MAFSfan, they decide to break up before Decision Day. There’s no source for this so we don’t know if it’s accurate and his social media accounts are private.

The identity of Michael’s second bride was finally, officially revealed (though fans of the show and internet sleuths have known it for months) as Chloe Brown, in the episode that aired on January 10, 2023. “If you asked me in my early 20s what I wanted in a man, what I wanted then and what I want now are two completely different things,” she said. “I have an opportunity to do something I’ve never imagined in my life doing ever, really thinking about being married at first sight!” per a clip obtained by People.

Michael’s runaway bride.

“I’m that person that for my whole life, I wanted to exude this very specific image of being super successful and super capable and able to take on the world and didn’t need anybody,” she continued. “I think that’s why I ended up being in the relationships with the men that I was in because they were perfect on paper.”

According to legal documents viewed by In Touch, Michael and Chloe Brown tied the knot on March 13, 2023, almost six weeks after the original four MAFS season 17 couples were married in late January. She is Michael’s second match since his original wife left him at the altar.

In the episode that aired on January 24, 2024, Michael finally meets his new match, though he’s more trepidatious than last time. “Are you excited?” Orion asked. “I am excited,” Michael admited. “I mean, yeah, there’s always an inherent risk, but…” Brennan pointed out: “You’ve already been through it, man.”

However, in an episode aired on January 31, 2024, all things might come crashing down. “I’m emotionally overwhelmed,” Chloe said about conversations that she didn’t even have when she was in longterm relationships. “It’s freaking terrifying. I’m saying I don’t even know if I could do this.”

In the runaway bride episode, an unidentified woman admitted to the camera: “I don’t think I can do this,” she said. “I don’t want to marry a stranger.” The voiceover said: “For the first time in Married at First Sight history, five brides go to the altar but only four come out married.”

During the October 2023 premiere of season 17, fans watched as Michael stood at the altar as he prepared to meet his future wife for the first time. “My biggest hope for this marriage is that we truly are a great match together,” he told cameras before his nuptials to a stranger, hoping it was going to be “fireworks” when he met her. “That it’ll be evident to us as we grow together.” He watched as she made her way down the aisle—the audience didn’t see her face but Michael said she was “beautiful”—until she said: “I don’t think I can do this,” before the ceremony abruptly ends in everyone’s shock. “That hurt,” the disappointed groom is heard saying.

Married At First Sight Couples Denver

Michael reflected on the moment during the October 25 episode of MAFS: After Party: “I will admit, probably the thing that had frustrated me the most at the altar was like, did it really have to be this way? Like, you didn’t have to tell me up here [in front of everyone],” he told host Keshia Knight Pulliam. “Like seeing my friends and family and knowing that I brought you guys out here to celebrate with me, and you guys have been so supportive, and this is what ends up happening.”

Pastor Cal told Distractify that this was obviously really unexpected. “Of course, we could never plan for anything like this, so it was not always in the plan. This caught us all off guard, so we had to go back to the drawing board.” He also revealed that Chloe didn’t know about the runaway bride situation.

“Although some may feel she should have been notified, it would have only caused her unnecessary stress,” Pastor Cal said. “Because we know the singles, we have to use our best judgment as to what is the correct course. We didn’t want to add to the already stressful situation and besides, we were following Michael’s lead here and it was his story to tell, not ours.”

The identity of who left Michael at the altar remains a mystery, though some sites incorrectly named her as Chloe Brown. Fans on social media, including Instagram and Reddit however, pointed out that Chloe is Michael’s replacement bride after the first mystery woman backed out of their marriage.

“Yeah, my understanding from what’s been posted in this sub is that he marries Chloe 2 months later in March which is why the season is late in airing. There’s a marriage license application for the two of them in March floating around. The others were all in January,” one fan speculated on Reddit. This was seemingly confirmed by a show fan account, @mafsfan, which clarified: “NOTE: Chloe is not the “runaway bride”. They get married Approx 6 weeks after the initial weddings,” in the comments section.

Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Lifetime.

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