How often should you go makeup-free?

In my teenage years, makeup was a uniform I wore. A uniform most teenagers wore. Covering our beautifully soft, hydrated and clear skin with heavy makeup.

Not only was there no need, we really potentially caused some serious issues for our skin by doing so.

As adults, most will be layering the war paint a little lighter. But as breakouts arrive it is often a vicious circle of wanting to cover it up but also covering it up exacerbating it.

How often should we really be giving our skin time to breathe? How often should we be going makeup-free?

Let it breathe

Makeup is fun and creative but it is not exactly healthy for your skin. It clogs pores and can lead to some serious breakouts.

There are a plethora of make-up brands to choose from that will suit your skin type, but it is a good idea to give your skin a break every now and again.

It can help develop a deeper self confidence

Again, it can be a vicious circle when we wear makeup.

We get so used to how we look with it on that we can begin to feel like we can’t leave the house without it.

In a bid to rid yourself of that negative mindset, embrace your natural beauty and go makeup-free twice a week.

You will soon realize that nobody even notices when you are make-up free and your confidence will build.

You will have fewer breakouts

Clogged pores cause breakouts. So it is no surprise that going makeup-free will give your pores time to breathe.

The germs and bacteria that are found in your makeup and also in makeup applicators can take up home inside your pores causing inflammation and breakouts.

Fewer bacteria

Did you know the older your make-up is the more likely it is that it is contaminated with pathogens and bacteria? This is also true for makeup brushes and sponges.

If you share any of your makeup with a friend from time to time, you are then adding all of their bacteria to your products.

Going makeup-free cuts down the number of bacteria on your face.

Fewer eye infections

As above, bacteria can also get into your mascara, causing eye irritation and infections.

It is not going to rid you of eye infections forever, but it will definitely lessen them.