How To Prep Your Skin For A Flight

Going on holiday is very exciting. Most of us start getting ready months in advance. Sorting everything from outfits to swimwear, down to which underwear we are going to bring.

We always remember the SPF and the After Sun, but do we ever stop and think about how we should be prepping our skin for the flight to get there?

On a long flight, the stale air and lack of movement takes a toll on your skin.

Among other things, the recycled air can be extremely dehydrating on the skin, leaving you with a dry complexion before you are even off the plane!

But fear not, we have everything you need to know about prepping your skin for a flight

Keep it hydrated

Even when you’re only traveling a small distance, air traveling is extremely dehydrating for your skin.

There are a plethora of moisturisers you can use onboard but another way to ensure your skin stays hydrated is to drink lots of water on the flight.

Yes, that might mean lots of toilet breaks too but your skin will thank you for it later.

Remove Make-up

It is vital your skin is make up free while on a flight, to make sure it can stay as hydrated as possible.

The air on board a flight is very dry and it can make the skin stressed. Wearing your make up on board will only further dry out your skin.

You can always reapply before you land.

Wear a mask

We would recommend wearing a high hydration mask during the flight.

Either a sheet mask or cream. It will help you look fresh on arrival.

Pack an eye roller

Your eyes can also become victims of the dry air.

The can become puffy and dry quite easily.

Bring an eye roller and use it frequently. It will also give great relief for dry or tired eyes.

Cleanse your skin

Again the stale air can and does carry germs and bacteria from other passengers, none of which you want on your face.

This is why you should always cleanse your skin during a flight more than once, just before you land.

Don’t forget your hands

When we think of the skin we often just focus on the face but your hands are just as important.

Your hands can get as dry and dehydrated as your face, quite quickly.

Bring some hand cream with you and apply it at regular intervals.