5 Beauty Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

There is a long list of products to steer clear of when you’re pregnant.

Here are five beauty things to avoid during pregnancy.

When it comes to pregnancy, you are almost trying to wrap yourself in bubble wrap for the first three months.

This is generally when your chance of miscarriage is at its highest so you are generally on high alert with what you are putting on and in your body.

Here is the Skin Nerd’s guide to what skincare to use during pregnancy.

In accordance with this, there are some products the doctors and experts say to avoid.

Your skin is your biggest organ and what you put directly on it will be absorbed in your body. You are always better safe than sorry after all.

Here are the top five.

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Topical Retinoids 

Retinol is basically high doses of vitamin A and we all know it is advised to avoid vitamin A in pregnancy as it can lead to birth defects.

While studies do show that the amount of topical vitamin A you absorb is very minimal, it is always best to avoid just in case.

Especially with the prescription ones which are a lot stronger.

Beauty Injections

We just don’t have enough long term research when it comes to injectables.

Botox, fillers and the rest need to be culled when you are pregnant and nursing as we just don’t know what kind of effects they might have on your little one.


This ingredient is in a lot more than you realise.

Your nail varnish is a culprit and you will also find it in a lot of hair products, both in salons and on shelves.

It is also a carcinogen so continued use has been said to lead to infertility and or miscarriage.

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This ingredient is very common in both hair straightening and skin lightening/brightening creams.

It’s found in hair salons usually, and although studies have found it’s not the worst of them, studies have shown its best to avoid.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This ingredient you will see in acne products.

Some women tend to flare up during pregnancy and it’s very easy to grab at the first acne product you see.

But make sure you check the ingredients first as most have this ingredient which you need to avoid.

Try natural alternatives like lemon or tea tree oil.

If you are planning a baby or currently pregnant keep this list at hand. What other products would you suggest not using?