What Type of Makeup Looks Are You Liking Right Meow?

Rosie says hi. I’m obsessed with her ear tips, OMG!

1. A softly shimmering lid.

For a while I was all about mattes because I like how they create an illusion of a deeper crease, but now I love softly shining lids. I think it’s casually chic, which is the vibe I go for these days. By the way, Chanel’s quads are great for this type of shimmering lid look! Today I’m wearing an old school fave, Codes Subtils, which unfortunately is no longer available (boo), but you can get a similar look with any of Chanel’s shimmery quads, like Tisse Rivoli.

2. Blurred lines.

Give me all the smudgy, please. No crisp edges here — too harsh! A cat eye with a blurry edge and a flick that softly fades into its end point? That’s all I want at the moment. Anywho, lately I’ve been getting this by wetting a flat eyeliner brush with setting spray, then loading it with a dark brown, navy, plum or khaki eyeshadow.

Today’s Makeup: Chanel Codes Subtils quad, MAC Glow Play Blush in No Shame and MAC Sugar Sweet Cameo Lipstick

3. As much natural skin peeking through as possible

A dollop of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (Wheat) applied all over works wonders. Then, I dab Hourglass Retouching Fluid Concealer (Sand) underneath my eyes, around my mouth and on my cheeks, and then I blend-blend-blend. I set both with the sheerest amount of MAC MSF Powder (Medium Golden). If I wear too much base it just looks heavy and fake, so I try to get away with as little as possible these days!

4. A soft, semi-sheer matte lip color in a bright pink or coral.

Just like the shimmering lid, I feel like this lip look is casually chic. I also like how the matte finish contrasts with the shimmery lid and the natural, glowing skin.

5. Leaving the lower lash line alone!

Dang, girl! I can’t believe there was a time when I’d pile on all the things along my lower lash line. Now I just leave it alone because the more I wear, the more it seems to draw attention to how tired I look and feel. LOL! For me, less has been best for the last year or so.

I think it’s really interesting to see one’s makeup taste evolve and change, don’t you? What type of makeup looks are you liking right now? Please let me know in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,