There’s a perfect pink for every look | Beauty

My long-held goal to discover the perfect pink lipstick has been disappointing. Not because there aren’t great pink lipsticks around. On the contrary, there are loads. But I have come to the realisation that there isn’t “The One”. Because one that is perfect today isn’t necessarily perfect tomorrow. There are so many variations on shades: reddish pink, purply pink, orangy pink, pale pink, fuchsia pink… you get the gist. You also have different textures and finishes. So depending on the occasion, the outfit and the look you are going for, you will probably need a different kind of pink. Long story short, don’t waste time seeking the perfect pink. Instead, start building a perfect pink-lip wardrobe – that way you won’t be disappointed.

1. Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Lipstick £36,
2. Laura Mercier High Vibe Lip Color £27.50,
3. Christian Dior Beauty Dior Addict Lipstick £34,
4. Jones Road Lip and Cheek Tint £34,
5. Hourglass Unlocked Satin Lipstick £37,

I can’t do without… A haircare range that brings the best out of curly and coily hair

When it comes to products that speak to everyone – age, skin tone, general disposition – most beauty brands put their best foot forward and keep it there. But hair care? Not so much. It’s not that it is regressive, it’s just that considering the diversity of beauty consumers, it is still surprising how few brands don’t cater for curly and/or coily hair. The reasons, based on my observation, is that the brands don’t consider the community with non-straight hair big enough to cater to. Many that do decide to dip their toe into catering for this group, conflate curly and coily (aka Afro) hair. But these two are not the same. Additionally, when a brand hasn’t done their homework on the demographic, it becomes very obvious very quickly. So I was slightly sceptical when I came across the Body Shop’s Jamaican Castor Oil range. Castor Oil has long been used in the Black hair community as a way to improve the condition and strength of hair – the Jamaican variant being one of the most popular. And so I tried it. And wow. I was blown away. The cleansing conditioner cleanses, softens and leaves curls bouncy long after your wash. The leave-in conditioner is hydrating not heavy, and the mask is an excellent way to bring intense moisture to dry or damaged hair. I was recently asked what as a beauty editor I would buy myself. This range has just been added to my list. Body Shop Jamaican Black Castor Oil range, from £14,

On my radar… A night mask, glow essence and luxurious candle

Beauty sleep Most brands built on natural ingredients fall down on efficacy. Not so with this mask. The ingredients have been activated in a lab so you get a smoother texture and balanced skin. Farmacy 10% Niacinamide Night Mask, £40,

Get up and glow Are essences essential? Not always. But if it exfoliates, increases skin hydration, while also tackling pigmentation and declogging pores, then the answer is absolutely. MZ Micropeeling Glow Essence, £100,

Make a splash This candle from Trudon and Maître Tseng, the only female tea master, blends woody (cypress and cedar) and spicy (pepper and juniper berry) with an imagined scent of water. Trudon L’espirit de L’eau, £110,

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