The hard-working sunscreens that also add a glow | Makeup

This time of year poses a product predicament. Increased daylight means more time outdoors, heightening the need for proper sunscreen. Simultaneously, the weather is still cold, so busily dulling and draining our skin, which continues to crave rich moisturiser. One can easily end up wearing more skincare than is practical or comfy. The answer is to combine at least a couple of layers in one.

For the past month, I’ve been using a glowy-primer-cum-SPF each day, and this has worked brilliantly at perking up and protecting my face, while allowing moisturiser to sit happily and undisturbed beneath.

I’ll start with Charlotte Tilbury’s Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer SPF50 (£40), because it surprised me most. This one’s for you if you crave a little glow but hate the thought of any glimmer, pearlescence or sparkle. None of those here – just peachy balm that subtly brightens dull skin, blurs minor inconsistencies and sits beautifully under any makeup. Tilbury is not a brand I would instinctively look to for sun protection, but I give credit where it’s due – this is terrific. The practical, no-leak, squeezy tube is easy to throw into a handbag, too.

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If the winter has left you grey (I relate) and you’d like more visible glow, e.l.f. has you covered for under 15 quid. My face loves Suntouchable Whoa Glow SPF30 (£14), a subtly shimmering balm that can be worn alone over skincare, or allowed to glimmer through any foundation that follows. This is even peachier than the Tilbury SPF, but can be worn safely on any skin tone, from palest to deepest, without altering anything but the appearance of fatigue. It contains my beloved vegan squalane (an extremely light, oil-like substance that offers ungreasy moisture) and hyaluronic acid to leave a plump, juicy sort of a finish to skin (perhaps too juicy for some), but sufficient grip to act as a smoothing makeup primer. It’s worth every penny.

Finally, if you lean more towards suncare specialist brands, Supergoop has its own take on the sunscreen/primer hybrid. Glowscreen SPF30 (from £15), holds its own against any facial sunscreen, adding in a dollop of glow. Don’t – if you’re oily – be put off by the initially shiny finish. The slight shimmer lasts, but the wetness does not. In fact, it quickly became too matt for my dry face, but would be the ideal solution for combination skins in need of some vim.