Stuff I Bought and Loved, Vol. 2

1. Mochi Cake Mix at Trader Joe’s

OH MY GOSH. This is so freakin’ delicious! I picked up a box on a whim, and after doing some investigating online on different ways people like to prepare it, I ended up making it with a modification (substituted water with a can of TJ’s Coconut Cream, which is what I had on hand). It was absolutely divine. Like, I went to sleep that night thinking about mochi cake and drooling, ha ha ha.

This cake has the chewy texture of mochi but the lift of a cake. I like the addition of the coconut cream; I think it adds a subtle coconut undertone that doesn’t overwhelm the flavor. It’s easy to make, too. You can do it in one bowl!

If you see it on the shelf, grab a box, and try it ASAP.

2. Bentgo Glass Salad Container

I bought this lunch container for work and I love it. The marketing on the box says it’s for salads, but really, you could use it for anything else you’d eat for lunch.

I like that I can put the glass into the microwave to warm up whatever leftovers I’m eating that day! And if I’m having a sandwich or a wrap, there’s plenty of room in the glass for all sorts of bread shapes and sizes.

The top part with the different compartments and the little container is great, too. It doesn’t leak and I like that the fork attaches to the cover.

FYI, it’s a little heavy because of the glass, but I don’t really mind because I’m just taking it for a short walk from my car to the office. If I had a long commute on a bus or train, though, and I had to carry this is a backpack, I’d opt for Bentgo’s plastic version, which is much lighter.

3. Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Everly Bootie

I originally bought this shoe in black, and I loved it so much that I bought another pair in a dark chocolate shade. I have a standing desk at work, and I often have to walk across campus, so having a low heel helps me stay comfortable all day.

Fashion-wise, I also like that the boot fits snugly against my ankle; I think having that tight (but not too tight) fit is flattering for most of my pants, even those with a cropped or shorter inseam.

I bought mine at Nordstrom last month, but now the pickings are pretty slim. You might want to try the Ella, which looks similar.

4. Bernardo Hooded Water Resistant Puffer Jacket

This puffer is lightweight and warm! I like that it doesn’t overwhelm my petite height. The zippered pockets come in handy, and the hood is big enough to completely cover my head, even when I have my hair up in a bun.

It comes in lots of different colors, too. Oh! And you can dress it up or down pretty easily.

5. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelette Singles

Honestly, I was pretty crabby when I bought these at first as I originally was not fond of the idea of so much excess packaging, but now I love them because they’re lightweight and travel well. They’re really handy to have around, especially if you have a daughter who wears long-wearing matte red lipstick for dance competitions, LOL! I stick one in the to-go beauty bag I take to work, just in case I happen to be wearing a bright matte lippie and things go awry. (You never know.)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,