New Bangs | Trader Joe’s Lemon Cake | Mineralist Warmth

I promise these new bangs aren’t a cry for help! Just needed a change.

I went with the longer length because I didn’t want the commitment of having to grow out a set of shorter bangs; if you’ve been through this, you know the struggle is so real, LOL!

Oh, I’m also hoping pushing the bangs forward will help with taming the wild pokey strands at my hairline. They refuse to do my bidding, and I’m determined to stop the madness.

(We’ll see if this actually works, ha.)

Oh! I learned something new from the stylist who cut my hair. For bangs, she suggested applying a flexible styling cream before blowing them out. That way, you get enough hold for the hair to stay pushed forward while retaining some moment. No crispy bangs, please! Let’s leave that behind in the ’80s.

So won’t been going on besides bangs?

Well, on this end of the keyboard, I’ve been typing non-stop for what feels like weeks. I’ve been lost in a fog of deadlines, and they’re only now starting to lift, but wouldn’t ya know it! Because the universe got hella jokes, I have an unexpected project to push through by next Tuesday. Lots going on here, but so grateful for the opportunity to work.

Totally not related, have you heard about the new Mini Lemon Sheet Cake from Trader Joe’s? Word on the street (aka the online mom’s group in which I lurk) is that it’s the best thing ever to grace TJ’s dessert shelves. It’s lemon cake topped with a lemon cream cheese frosting and lemon zest. Yes, it’s very lemony.

I like lemon cake and think it tastes good, but I probably would not drive out to TJs at night in my pajamas. I’m really picky about frosting and this one’s a smidge too sweet. If it wasn’t, though, girl… It would be so on! Try it if you see it on the shelf and let me know whatcha think.

Also in the realm of new things is this palette of warm neutral eyeshadows by bareMinerals.

Would you wear this? I tried it out today and like the softness of all the powders except for the beige shade — it felt hard a rock!

Anywho, let me know what you’ve been up to. I hope you’ve been doing great.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,