How to get that bleached-brow look beloved by celebs |

The hack
Achieving that bleached-brow look … minus the bleach.

The test
In days of yore, AKA 2003, when I was a baby goth (gothling?), I tried to bleach my brows with a packet of Jerome Russell hair bleach. Needless to say, things did not end well and my eyebrows turned orange.

Why did I do it? Because removing the brows totally changes your look – it gives instant subversiveness and edge. Which is why I think – as a judgy elder goth – so many celebrities and fashion types are now trying it (see the Marc Jacobs autumn/winter 2022 show and any number of Kardashian-Jenners).

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I’m happy to revisit the idea. This time, I use Sensorium Brow Engineer (£12.95), a product that mimics the bleached-brow effect but is easily wiped off with makeup remover. I try all three shades and find that Bleached suits my skin tone best. It applies easily, like any brow gel does, with a mascara-type wand that coats the brows and lightens them temporarily. With just one coat, my brows do indeed look bleached – and teamed with tones of black liner, it fulfils all of my unrealised noughties goth dreams.

The verdict
I’m a fan, and fully sold on this product. But for a little goth-lite or to dip a toe in, try first using some concealer in your brows to lighten them and see if you like the effect.

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