How the New Moon in Virgo on August 27 Will Impact You

Unlike June’s vibrantly named Strawberry Supermoon or the Sturgeon Supermoon that came earlier this month, the next astrological event on our calendars doesn’t have any special title. This is fitting, however, as the new moon in Virgo — which arrives on Saturday, August 27, 2022 — falls under a strong yet low-key sign of the zodiac.

Virgo is the diligent, industrious worker of the zodiac, only wanting to be of service and to contribute to the greater good in some way, whether big or small. Those who fall under this sign are known as perfectionists, often carrying the reputation of being quite hard on themselves (and others, at times), but we love them for their detail-oriented and analytical minds.

So, what does this new moon mean, and how will this particular position impact us?

First, the Difference Between New Moons and Full Moons

To recap our explanation from our July new moon in Leo: New moons are when we plant and plan, whereas full moons are when we harvest, energy culminates, and we learn new and unexpected things. To be clear, the metaphor I am using here is planting an actual small seed, not buying a young plant from a nursery to plant in the garden or buying another succulent.

I recently received a reminder that the seed is only the beginning. My husband and I planted wildflowers and it took them a long time to grow — longer than I had anticipated, certainly — and they needed to be watered every day at first. When they appeared, they did not all come out as expected. The lesson: If you plant a seed in order to start something on a new moon, it does not guarantee success. Like a seed, the project (or goal, relationship, whatever) must be nurtured and protected.

So, while new moons are a good time to start something, this does not mean we will immediately see a result — the fruit of your labors, if you will (sorry, but agricultural metaphors often fit perfectly within conversations about astrological influence and events). While new moons are not necessarily always a good time to take action, they are a wonderful time to explore, brainstorm, journal, do research, and meditate. Remember: These activities are still moving you forward, even if you aren’t making any hard and fast decisions.