How Singapore’s Twomorrow Jewellery is reframing “imperfect”

Every once in a while, a brand comes along that tries to defy conventions and transcend expectations. Twomorrow Jewellery is one such example. In a world full of improbable standards, it aims to redefine the very idea of perfection. Officially launched in November last year, the Singaporean jeweller specialises in “salt and pepper” diamonds, which are diamonds that have inclusions and perceived blemishes.  The certified, natural diamonds are carefully designed in a way that brings out t

out their individual, unique shine, and are professionally certified by either the Gemological Institute Of America or the Nan Yang Gemological Institute in Singapore. 

Processes are in place to ensure that the diamonds are conflict-free and in compliance with the Kimberley Process. Pieces are also wrought of 18K gold, the ideal combination of durability and preciousness.

The journey so far

“2023 has been really exciting – we launched the brand last year, but this year is when we really want to get the word out and expand our offerings,” Evelyn Chung, founder of Twomorrow Jewellery, told Inside Retail.

The company recently launched a new collection of ready-to-wear rings to better cater to the needs of its customers. This allows them to see different combinations of rings and can help inspire their own creations.

Chung was never fixated on diamonds, but after stumbling upon salt and pepper diamonds on social media, she became intrigued by these imperfect stones.

“Today, we’re proud to be one of the first in our city-state to spotlight these unconventional diamonds as a digital-first custom jewellery brand and share the message of self-love and acceptance,” she added.

Defying convention

According to Chung, when it comes to diamonds, most people associate them with clear, sparkly stones often seen in a jewellery store. For unconventional diamonds, Twomorrow Jewellery offers a unique take with uncommon shapes, cuts and looks.

“As a digital-first custom jewellery brand, we want to champion a new era of purchasing custom jewellery. With fully transparent pricing available on our website, our clients will always know what they are paying for and they will have peace of mind during purchases,” she stated.

She hopes her company will make unconventional diamonds more accessible, allowing more clients to celebrate their perceived flaws and embrace their individuality. Chung believes this will help the company to organically stand out from the crowd. 

Key trends

Chung has observed that many consumers are looking for custom shapes beyond the normal oval or round cuts. She has even received several requests for coffin-shaped cuts from customers who appreciate more gothic and unique aesthetics.

“With our customisation feature, it provides with our clients exactly what they are looking for – to customise different elements of their jewellery to create one that truly reflects them,”she noted.

Chung believes there is a lot of symbolism and romance in each diamond, and she sees this trend in her clients. Many of them are searching for that special piece that makes them stand out from the crowd.

“I think the common thread is that they’re all people who really appreciate unique pieces. It’s also really heartwarming to see how our diamonds appeal to the nontraditional individual or couples looking for a unique take on traditional jewellery,” she opined.

The sky’s the limit

Singapore has a a vibrant and thriving jewellery marketplace, and Chung has noticed that the sector has seen tremendous growth and remained resilient even through the pandemic.

She explained that the demand for bespoke jewellery has continued to rise as more people are looking to buy pieces that reflect their personal style and taste.

Of course, it has not been easy for Chung to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. There have been an array of trials and tribulations to overcome. From unforeseen costs to unexpected situations, she has had to master all aspects of running a business.

“It has undoubtedly been daunting and trying, but for me, it has also strengthened and honed my focus, dedication and self-belief,” she stated.

Besides the customisation options on the Twomorrow Jewellery website, customers may choose to make an appointment for bespoke services in a more intimate and guided experience at the atelier. 

The atelier is located at Duxton Hill, a road filled with rich heritage and culture, which gives  the start-up brand an authentic local vibe. With the quaint and quiet space, the shop also creates a conducive space for an appointment-only concept.