Export: Towards a record year 2022 for French cosmetics?

The year 2022 should confirm the strong momentum observed last year for French beauty exports. Indeed, the French cosmetics industry’s exports rose by 19% during the first five months, compared to the same period in 2021, according to the French Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA).

A record growth rate in the US and Europe

The first months of the year were marked by a very strong demand in the US. With an almost 32% increase, for a total of 2 billion euros of exports over this period, the US is ahead of China again, as the first export destination of made-in-France cosmetics.

In Europe, Germany remains the main destination for French exports, with an equally impressive 32% sales increase.

However, the Chinese market, the main growth driver over the past few years, has been less dynamic due to the sanitary restrictions implemented in the second quarter 2022. French cosmetics exports to this country still rose by 9% from January to May 2022, compared to the same period last year.

Makeup and perfumes at the top of export sales

Makeup and perfumes were the two most dynamic export categories during the first semester 2022. The products most exported to China are still lipsticks. As a reminder, in 2021, France exported more than one lipstick out of three to China. Perfumes are right behind.

Perfumes are the top-selling products in the US and Germany. Then, there is eye makeup, in the US, and lipsticks, in Germany.

Towards a record year?

If things keep going at this pace, the French cosmetics industry, which already exports 60% of its production, could beat new records. “This strong increase confirms that French cosmetics still make people dream all around the world! We can definitely hope to reach 20 billion euros of exports in 2022,” says Emmanuel Guichard, General-Delegate of the FEBEA, although he explains that these good results are also due to the increased value of the dollar, compared to the euro.

With a value chain firmly anchored in the French industrial network, the cosmetics sector manages to keep producing and exporting despite supply shortages,” concludes Emmanuel Guichard.

In 2021, total French exports of cosmetic products had reached 16.2 billion euros.