Cosmetic Valley announces the winners of The Cosmetic

The two winners – academic prize and industrial prize – of the 2023 edition of The Cosmetic Victories were announced during a ceremony moderated by French journalist Laurence Dorlhac, in Paris on April 4. The jury selected the winners from among six finalists (three for the academic prize and three for the industrial prize) pre-selected from the 112 applications, from 16 different countries, submitted on the event site.

The Cosmetic Victories awards are organized and presented by Cosmetic Valley. The academic prize rewards a research project that meets the technical challenges of the industry and that is likely to transform the way the sector operates in the future. It is aimed at PhD students, post-doctoral students and researchers. The industrial prize rewards the best cosmetic innovation of the year. It is aimed at business creators, start-ups and innovative SMEs.

The two 2023 winners are:

- Academic Award: Ophélie Pierre, PhD and PharmD, Laboratory Interactions Epitheliums Neurons (LIEN), University of Western Brittany (Brest) for the Model Of ReiNnervaTed Human Skin project. The project consists of the final validation of a model of human skin re-innervated by functional human sensory neurons.

- Industrial Award: Max Webers, Co-Founder & CEO of Colipi, for the Carbon-Light Alternative to Palm Oil project. It is a biotechnological solution based on a fermentation process of fast-growing microorganisms to produce an alternative to palm oil.

The two winners will benefit from a financial endowment of 10,000 euros, from the Cosmetic Valley-ESSEC fund whose mission is to promote, support and develop cosmetic innovation both in France and abroad. In addition, the project will be monitored by the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster.