Blac Chyna Removed Her “Demonic” Baphomet Tattoo Plus a Few

Blac Chyna has been entering a new era of her life and taking us along for the ride. It started on March 13 when she shared a video of her getting her breast implants and butt injections removed. Two days after, she posted another video of herself getting the filler in her lips and cheek removed. Now, she’s onto the next step of her personal reinvention: tattoo removal. 

On March 26, Chyna uploaded two videos of her journey to remove three tattoos. The first video featured her prepping for her four-hour trip to Clear Out Ink in Las Vegas with help from her two kids, Dream and King. She explained why she is removing the tattoo of Baphomet, a deity often associated with the occult, on her hip. “When I first got the tattoo, that’s not what it meant to me,” Chyna explains. “Regardless of what it is, I don’t want anything negative or demonic on my body anymore.”

The second video showed key parts of the tattoo removal process and starts with a Clear Out Ink worker explaining what she should expect. He noted that during removal, she will feel a difference in pain level? i cant tell if this means the ink feels diff based on the color or if he just means it’s gonna get worse the longer she sits between the red ink versus the black ink. He also explained that she might see “frost,” essentially gas bubbles underneath the skin, during the process. 

He started by removing two names tattooed in red ink and cursive font, one on each forearm. You can see her skin bubbling up in a whitish hue — the aforementioned frost — where the red tattoo once was.

Next up was the Baphomet tattoo on her hip and butt area. He wasn’t lying when he said Chyna could feel the difference between the two removal sessions. She might have been silent as the other tattoos were removed, but once he got to her hip tattoo, we can hear Chyna expressing her pain more than once — you can hear her whimper, lightly scream, and even curse in pain. The further he traveled up her hip, the more painful it seemed to get, and at one point, she even needed to take a break.