11 Best Oribe Products of 2024 for the Best Hair Days Ever

If one of your many New Year’s resolutions was to ditch your usual crop of drugstore hair products, any of the best Oribe products are tried and true paths to silky smooth success. Oribe was co-founded by celebrity stylist Oribe Canales in 2008 with the goal of concocting products that belong everywhere from the shelves of luxury salons to the ledge of your shower. Although they certainly aren’t giving their products away, the results from these sometimes-pricey-always-worth-it formulas will make you feel much more expensive than the number on your receipt.

Our Top Picks

Whether you’re on the hunt for a styling product, like a texturizing spray or hair oil, or just a humble daily shampoo and conditioner combo, Oribe has the goods. A quick scroll through customer reviews of their products will have you seeing stars…like, 5 stars. Over and over again. Curly-hair cuties, pin-straight pretties, and every texture-wearer in between have good things to say about their Oribe purchases. The brand also carries plenty of solutions for people with fine hair or damaged hair who need to start from square one. Calling a product “salon-level” is about as relative as it gets, but if something you did in your bathroom made you feel hair-commercial ready, we think that counts.

The luxury/luxury-adjacent hair-care market only gets more saturated as the years go on, so we understand if shopping for new products feels a little overwhelming. To help, we’ve combed (ha) through Oribe’s many, many offerings and compiled some of the brand’s most beloved items. Keep scrolling for the 11 best Oribe products that will level up your routine.

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